PADI Adventure Diver

The exciting adventure dives on this course are a great stepping-stone to completing your PADI Advanced Open Water certification.

If you’ve got your PADI Open Water course under your belt and fancy giving adventure diving a go, our PADI Adventure Diver is just the ticket. The course helps you get more out of scuba diving by introducing you to a whole new world of underwater adventures. It’s a great way to build your confidence and skills. Best of all, the course counts towards fifty per cent of your PADI Advanced Open Water certification. Just complete three dives from the list on our Adventure Dives page and you’re halfway there.

You can take your pick from 12 dives on our PADI Adventure Diver course. There are all sorts from Altitude Diver to Wreck Diver. If you’re not sure which ones to choose, have a read through the relevant chapters of the PADI Adventures in Diving manual for more information. The Underwater Photography course is a popular choice. It teaches you things like how to choose the right underwater camera, the PADI SEA method for catching great shots quickly and the principle you need to take good photos underwater. Plus it’s a great way to relive your adventure dive.

If you’re intrigued by the underwater world after dark, go for our Night Diver as part of your PADI Adventure Diver. Exploring a reef at night is an amazing experience. The colours of the coral and fish are much more vivid when they’re lit up by diving lights and some creatures are mesmerised by it. Look forward to spotting marine life like octopus, eels and crustaceans, which come out to feed at night.



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