PADI Divemaster


Imagine being able to dive every day and get paid for it. Pipedream? Actually, it’s not as difficult as you might think. If you’ve already got some diving experience under your belt, you can take the leap from pupil to teacher by booking yourself on to one of our professional diving instructor courses. It’s a big step and a life changing one, but with Pyramids Diving Center, you get the best training in the business.

We’ll be there to support you on your journey and always go the extra mile to make sure you succeed. And just so you know, we’ve been teaching diving instructors for over a decade.

Signing up for professional diving course not only gives you the tools to go and do what you love on a daily basis, you’ll take your diving skills to a whole other level. For one, you’ll really up your knowledge of diving theory and scuba gear. You’ll also learn how to take responsibility for other divers. And once you’re qualified at instructor level, the world is quite literally your oyster as you’ll be able to apply for diving jobs worldwide.

Of course, what you study depends on which professional diving course you take. The PADI Instructor Development Course gives you the tools to train scuba divers in the classroom, in confined water and in open water, as well as covering things like risk management and teaching children. Or if your goal is to become a Master Instructor, there’s our PADI Staff Instructor course, which will qualify you to teach Assistant Instructor courses and most Instructor Development Courses.

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